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Browse Personal Finance - Business & Finance : 201-250 programs listed after popularity

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  • LoanAnalyst (Sony/Ericsson P800/P900)  201)   LoanAnalyst (Sony/Ericsson P800/P900) 1.10
    LoanAnalyst helps professionals as well as individual loan seekers analyze the various loan parameters to make an informed loan decision. Packed with several powerful loan analysis features, ability to send loan information via SMS, and save Loans.

  • APSW Budget Planner  202)   APSW Budget Planner 2.1
    Create an easy to use household budgeting plan and recover 10% a month from your income from hidden spending, have multiple budget plans open (great for extended families). Add the items and the Budget Planner V2 will do all the calculations for you.

  • MQ Downloader  203)   MQ Downloader 6.024
    Download free historical stock quotes and store historical stock prices in metastock format. Intraday and End-of-day quotes for mutual funds, market indices and stocks.

  • Actual Personal Budget - Lite  204)   Actual Personal Budget - Lite 1.3
    This program gives you the tools to manage your budget. Manage your expenses and income. Planning of the budget. The software is very easy to use.

  • Packaging Equipment  205)   Packaging Equipment 1.0
    Packaging Equipment - Star Packaging Equipment, New & Used Packaging Equipment Distributors. Buy, Lease or Rent. Find: Case Sealers, Erectors, InkJet Printers, Shrink Tunnels, L-Bar Sealers, Bundlers, Strappers & More. Easy To Use.

  • TaxCut Deluxe 2003 Federal Filing Trial  206)   TaxCut Deluxe 2003 Federal Filing Trial 2003
    Take control of your tax prep with great speed, ease, and accuracy using TaxCut® from H&R Block, the #1 rated do-it-yourself tax software* on the market. Download now for a FREE trial run to see how TaxCut Deluxe can help you!

  • StockQuoter  207)   StockQuoter 2.2
    StockQuoter is a portfolio manager and downloader for intraday, end of day and historical stock quotes. The generated data is compatible with most charting and technical analysis software. No more monthly charges. Get your quotes for free.

  • insoul.exe  208)   insoul.exe 1.0
    So the ad has been placed. Stiffen yourself for calls! They will increase in number as people read your ad and then pass it off to friends and family.Rehearse your lines. Youll want to give the impression that youre a serious seller, so you count

  • AnalyzerXL  210)   AnalyzerXL 6.1.37
    Trading and stock quotes downloading software for Microsoft Excel. Library of 165 technical analysis functions. You can download historical end-of-day and real time quotes into spreadsheets. Portfolio, stock options, stock charts, intraday.

  • ShowMeTheStats!  211)   ShowMeTheStats!
    ShowMeTheStats! is a tool for currency rates checking and balance checking on your accounts. Supported services: shareware vendors, Google, Banking accounts, PPC sponsors, adult sponsors and many other.

  • Janitorial Services Boston  212)   Janitorial Services Boston 1.0
    Janitorial Services Boston - Small and easy to use application. Janitorial Services Boston will give you instant access to EBS, your source for janitorial and building services in the Boston, MA area. Easy to install.

  • Forex Tracer Review  213)   Forex Tracer Review
    Forex Tracer Review - Best Automated Forex Trading Expert Advisor Software.Forex Tracer Signals, Mines, And Annihilates The Forex Markets To Detect & Redirect Huge Profits into Your Trading Account. All On Autopilot. Download "Forex Tracer Review".

  • Graphic Accounts  214)   Graphic Accounts 1.3
    A powerful personal financial planning and budgeting tool . Dynamic dual-chart display. Adjust all amounts with easy-to-see spin controls. Instant visual feedback on all changes. Integrated tools to optimize expenditure and synchronize with budget.

  • AceMoney for Pocket PC  215)   AceMoney for Pocket PC 2.1
    AceMoney makes it easy to manage multiple accounts of different types, create and manage budgets, juggle finances in multiple currencies, track spending habits, record expenses, transfer among accounts and do on-line banking.

  • Visual Mortgage Loan Calculator  216)   Visual Mortgage Loan Calculator 1.02
    Visual Mortgage Loan Calculator calculates monthly payments of a home mortgage loan, interest,principal and amortization tables. It could help you to choose the right loan and save thousands of dollars through careful loan planning and managing.

  • Codinex  217)   Codinex 1.0
    Codinex - Small application to find out more information about work at home, business opportunities, internet marketing and related articles. Very easy to install and use from your desktop.

  • Intercultural Business Communication  219)   Intercultural Business Communication 1.0
    Intercultural Business Communication - Online tool to help people travelling to or working with people from foriegn cultures and need intercultural business communication tips and advice. Easy to install and use.

  • No WIn No Fee Solicitors UK Search  220)   No WIn No Fee Solicitors UK Search 1.0
    No Win No Fee Solicitors UK. Accident Claim Solicitor Search. Use this small application to Search for an Injury Solicitor. Very easy to install and use. No Win No Fee Solicitor UK Search. Free App.

  • Mortgage Offset Deal  221)   Mortgage Offset Deal 1
    Mortgage offset deal search tool. Procuring the info you need dealing with getting an attractive mortgage offset deal can be a source of unrest for many people but with a bit of calm thinking and the right approach it is not a big problem.

  • Stock Ticker Application Bar  222)   Stock Ticker Application Bar 2.28
    A simple desktop stock ticker that shows stock market quotes scrolling on your screen. It appears as a thin bar with scrolling quotes that docks to the top or bottom of the screen and displays continiously refreshed stock and indices prices.

  • Credit Card Math 10th Anniversary Edition  223)   Credit Card Math 10th Anniversary Edition 3.0
    A free program chock full of advice. Learn how to avoid credit card debt. Goes behind the scenes to reveal the true hidden costs associated with credit card debt. Shows you how to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in finance charges.

  • iReferent Light  224)   iReferent Light 3.02
    Easy-to-use Contact Manager for small business and home users to organize your personal call center to work in "hot" mode (while speaking) and keep track of your unlimited number of contacts with this customizable data warehouse.

  • kCharge  225)   kCharge 2.0
    kCharge is a powerful Windows application that provides a fast, safe, and secure way to process incoming credit card payments on your PC. kCharge works with your existing credit card merchant account and all of the major Internet gateways.

  • Skydiving  227)   Skydiving 1.0
    Skydiving - Use this small skydiving application to get easy access to skydiving information and skydiving products, equipment and more. Skydiving made easy.

  • Roof Repair  228)   Roof Repair 1.0
    Roof Repair - Use this small application and get easy access to roofing services you need. Roof Repair is very easy to install and use. Roof Repair - Roof Instalation.

  • Forex Control Center  229)   Forex Control Center 1
    Forex Analysis Software integrated with brokers like Metatrader and Oanda. Charts, performance analysis, trading diary, statistics, ratios, account management. Everything you need to manage your Forex Trading.Import your statement from your broker.

  • Cyprus Property  230)   Cyprus Property 1.0
    Cyprus Property - Use this very small application to easily find Cyprus Properties. Whether you are stepping onto the property ladder for the first time, or experienced in property investment and looking for a prospective purchase, Cyprus Property.

  • Lcd Tv Wall Mount  231)   Lcd Tv Wall Mount 1.0
    Lcd Tv Wall Mount - Small and easy application. Get access to Lcd Tv Wall Mount information in seconds. Complete kits with everything you could possibly need to wall mount your new Plasma, LCD, or Flat Panel TV included. Easy to install and use.

  • Monthly Income and Expense Tracker  232)   Monthly Income and Expense Tracker 4.0
    Track your monthly detailed income and expenses with this powerful, easy-to-use program. Your data is input by categories (such as 'Electricity' and 'Mortgage/Rent') that you define. Entries may be tied to a bank account or credit card account.

  • 3click Budget  233)   3click Budget 1.1
    3click Budget - Your personal Finance Manager. Easy way for tracking your money. Detailed reports and graphics illustrate where your money flows. This allows you easily to increase your savings.

  • J and L Retirement Planner  235)   J and L Retirement Planner 11.0
    The top rated J and L Retirement Planner is a retirement planning software program that allows you to create simple or complex retirement scenarios based on financial events through out your life.

  • Automatic Link Exchange  236)   Automatic Link Exchange 1.0
    Automatic Link Exchange - Small and easy to use application. Automatic Link Exchange is easy to install and can be opened from your desktop. Personal Finance Directory - Automatic Link Exchange.

  • Exclusive Mortgage Leads  237)   Exclusive Mortgage Leads 1.0
    Exclusive Mortgage Leads - Looking for Exclusive Mortgage Leads ? Look no further, use this small and easy to use application and get instant access to Mortgage Leads, Exclusive Mortgage Leads. Very easy to install.

  • Retirement Savings Planner  239)   Retirement Savings Planner 2005.4
    Quick. Simple. Visual way to plan your Retirement Savings strategy. Rated 5 Stars by ZDNet. As seen in Barron's, PC Computing, and PC World. Continually updated since 1995. Are you saving enough for retirement? This software will tell you.

  • ChatStat Live Chat, IM, Stats  240)   ChatStat Live Chat, IM, Stats
    Free 2-way live so you can talk to your website’s visitors, free MovingGraphTM website statistics, and free instant messaging protocol support for AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, GoogleTalk, Skype, and Skype VoIP. Now with Language Translation!

  • Divine Caffe  241)   Divine Caffe 1.0
    Divine Caffe - Find articles and information about Divine Caffe, articles about Paula White divorce, information about Rachel Ray divorce and many more news and articles.

  • Wholesale Electronics  242)   Wholesale Electronics 2.0
    Wholesale Electronics - Small and easy to install application that provides access to wholesale electronics in a quick way with an interface that is easy to understand and use by everyone. Wholesalers will be at your finger tip.

  • Orlando Hotel  243)   Orlando Hotel 1.0
    Orlando Hotel - Small and easy to use program. Orlando Hotel, Attraction ideas, Maps, Photos and Local Travel Guide. You will have instant access to guaranteed lowest rates on hotels, attraction tickets, rental cars and vacation packages.

  • IRA Tracker  244)   IRA Tracker 2.0
    Track your IRA stock and mutual fund information and history to see how it has historically performed, based on your monthly/quarterly/yearly input.

  • myLoanHero  245)   myLoanHero 2.0
    5 critical mortgage calculators: mortgage payment, interest only mortgage payment, amortization schedule, rent vs. buy decision and How much can I borrow. Gotta have it mortgage reports and articles from ex-mortgage brokers: 11 Deadly Mistakes When Applying For A Mortgage....

  • SprinN Lite eng  246)   SprinN Lite eng 2.7
    SprinN, the best prediction tool based on Artificial Intelligence techniques (Artificial Neural Networks), gives you accurate open, hold and close recommendations for your investments in Capital Markets. Up to three variables per model.

  • Refinance It?  247)   Refinance It? 1.2
    This program is a version of a mortgage refinancing evaluation .It will run under Win 95, 98, Me, NT4,XP & 2000. When current mortgage interest rates are 2 or more percentage points below your existing rate, it may be advisable to refinance.

  • inhead.exe  248)   inhead.exe 1.0
    Assistance ingredient for a successful sale: Disease. Remember that this remains where a professional inspector and a thorough personal inspection by you can make several of sense.

  • Website Designer  249)   Website Designer 1.0
    Website Designer - Use this small application and get easy access to Expert Website Designers and Flash Specialists. Website Designer is very easy to install and use. Total customer satisfaction.

  • Log Cabin  250)   Log Cabin 1.0
    Log Cabin - Small and easy to use application. Ristiku LogHome is a log home / log cabin / log cottage manufacture located in europe - Estonia. Top quality log cabins at competitive prices. Buy your log cabin directly form log home manufacture.

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